Personal Training, Small Group Training, Program Design

Keith doing Personal TrainingPersonal Training

Our CrossFit classes are designed to help you to achieve broad and inclusive fitness. For our clients that are looking for something a bit more specific, we offer a personal training option.

Getting one on one coaching is by far the quickest way to achieve your fitness goals. How you spend your time is up to you and your coach, and will vary from client to client.

This is a great option for athletes looking to improve certain areas of their performance and anyone with previous injury experience.

1 Session
¥10,000 per session
4 Sessions
¥9,500 Per session
8 Sessions
¥8,500 per session
12 Sessions
¥8,000 per session
30 Sessions
¥8,000 Per session

Small Group Training

Our small group training is a happy medium between our regular CrossFit classes and a personal training option. Small group training is for groups from 2 or more people. This is a good fit for people looking for more individualized attention with a similar goal.

Clients looking to refine the olympic lifts, learn how to do more advanced gymnastics, or specific training for a race or event would be a great fit for small group training!

Our group training packages are as follows:

1 Session
¥6,000 per session per person
4 Sessions
¥5,500  per session per person
6 Sessions
¥5,000 per session per person
8 Sessions
¥4,500 per session per person
12 Sessions
¥4,000 per session per person

Program Design

Looking to optimizing your potential but don’t have access to Port Tower CrossFit?

Getting a personalized program design might be right for you – customized and individualized for your needs you will work alongside your coach to reach your specific goal. This is the ideal option for someone with access to a seperate training facility but would still like the guidance and knowledge of a professional coach.

With monthly check-ins, optional nutrition guidance, and a program built around your goals and schedule, what could be better? Email one of our coaches for more information or schedule your consultation to see how we can start helping you, today!

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