Testimonial: Khi Prasser

With correct diet, exercise, and a supportive community making lasting positive change is possible!


Just check out what Khi, one of our first members, has to say about her experience at PTCF!


PTCF: When did you start at Port Tower CrossFit(PTCF)?

Khi: I started at PTCF just after Golden week of 2017.

PTCF: What changes have you noticed since starting?

Khi: I have always enjoyed exercise and did yoga and boxing regularly. However, I was always disappointed with my body and was relentlessly self conscious. No matter how fit I was, I couldn’t feel good about myself. The biggest change I noticed was during a recent holiday to the Philippines. I had become insecure since gaining weight in Japan and decided that for my 26th birthday, I wanted to feel the best I had ever felt. I began to take classes at PTCF consistently and ate a well balanced diet. Within 6 weeks, my whole life had changed. For the first time in my life, I felt confident, happy and proud to be in a bikini. I felt happier than I did when I was 10kg lighter. The training at PTCF has helped toned my body and has given my body shape, encouraging me to feel positive about the way I look!

PTCF: What do you like about PTCF?

Khi: My favorite part of PTCF are the coaches. They are all supportive and care about the well being and growth of each PTCF member. The coaches are approachable, attentive and most importantly, they genuinely want all their members to succeed. The coaches constantly giving personalized tips on how to improve technique, form and diet. They have been an important source of encouragement for me especially during times where I have been injured or lacked motivation.

PTCF: Do you have any specific goals for the future?

Khi: My short term goal is to master the rope climb! My long term goal is to develop a better squatting technique so I can improve and heal the misalignment of my hips. The coaches have been imperative in the recovery of my past injuries. I feel stronger than ever before.

PTCF: What would you say to someone thinking about joining PTCF but is unsure if it’s really for them?

Khi: After a week of PTCF, I guarantee you will be addicted. The workouts are different everyday which means you are never bored. The PTCF community will become like family and you will be excited to hit the box. You will love feeling stronger but most importantly, you will be happier with your new lifestyle. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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