Testimonial: Deshdeep Wasu

PTCF: When did you start at PortTower CrossFit (PTCF)?

Desh: I believe my first session was early May, 2017, the first week that the Box opened. My first session at the box was a custom beginner lesson, and yet, it was far more challenging than I had anticipated. I walked in, at 93 Kilograms, at my heaviest and probably the unhealthiest I have ever been. In about two weeks, it will be just about 3-months since I started to CrossFit.

PTCF: What changes have you noticed since starting?

Desh: First, I had to adjust my diet greatly. I cut out drinking (alcohol) unless on special occasions. I eat more protein and I make better food choices. I also drink a lot more water (up to 2.5 to 3 liters a day).

The changes I have noticed after working out at our Box are many. For starters, I have regained some confidence. I have gotten stronger and more comfortable with the scheduled workouts (WOD’s). I have lost about 6 kilos, and my clothes fit better. I wake up feeling more energetic, and most importantly, I feel much better about myself.

PTCF: What do you like about PTCF?

Desh: The Coaches. The Community. The Focused Support. The Camaraderie.

I like that the box focuses on very core and functional bodyweight movements, and especially on form. It’s very different compared to a traditional gym. Our box teaches you practical everyday movements, and the workouts really challenge us physically and mentally. I believe that this approach will lead to being a more injury free and a more complete athlete.

Also, in doing CrossFit, you see that when you least expect it, you come in one day and you notice the sudden progress. Your first Pullup, Your Personal Best Score at something, your being able to move better at a specific movement with greater ease, and you begin to enjoy it. There is a feeling of elation. It’s an incredible feeling. And it is a feeling that you can share with a Community.

PTCF: Do you have any specific goals for the future?

Desh: I used to workout quite a bit when I was younger so I feel that I’m just working at getting back to a level where I was at before. I want to become stronger and fitter at 40, than when I was at 25. I want to look and feel better than when I was 25. I am confident that with hard work and with the guidance of the coaches at PortTower, I’ll continue to improve and I’ll become a better and more competitive me.

PTCF: What would you say to someone thinking about joining PTCF but is unsure if it’s really for them?

Desh: Give it your best effort for 3 months and you’ll see gains unlike none other. That is just the beginning. You’ll feel the elation that I speak of, and you will continue to CrossFit, enjoying each new challenge that comes your way.

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