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Sites and Shops to Support your Fitness!

When you first begin your fitness journey there’s nothing quite like getting a quality night of sleep, a balanced meal 3-5 times a day, and a workout in 3-5 times per week – you know, the basics! Beyond that we’ve thrown together a list of additional resources for CrossFit to help you on your fitness journey. Everything from mobility resources, to where to buy shoes specifically designed for CrossFit, and even which sites to buy supplements from. Check out the list and we hope it helps.

One-Stop shops

CrossFit Logo

Everything from videos to how-to articles to workouts. If you’re looking for some more information on what we do look no further. It is also a great resource for finding a CrossFit gym when you’re out of town – check the “Find an Affiliate near me” and drop-in at a registered CrossFit gym!

Rogue fitness logo

Rogue is the official equipment supplier of the CrossFit Games and has a reputation for being top notch. You can find equipment from jump ropes,  to t-shirts, to barbells (I know you want one at home!). Take a look around and get lost in all the sweet merch!


Video content

Ah, what can’t be found on youtube, right? Stumbling around youtube you can uncover some pretty great gems that can help you along your fitness journey. Some of what you see is nonsense and a lot of it just people fishing for views but here are some of our favorite channels with quality content:

CrossFit – see above.Crossfit ChannelHookGrip – High quality lifting videos in slow-mo. So, so sweet.HookGrip logoAll Things Gym – More lifting videos. See how the best in the world prep and train.All Things Gym - Lu 2Squat University – Everything you ever wanted to know about squats. Cause you could always use more squats!Squat University Barbell Shrugged – The #1 podcast in fitness. How-to videos and interviews with great athletes and coaches in the sport. Worth a listen and a watch!Barbell Shrugged


Mobility and stretching

Becoming a fined tuned fitness machine means you have to treat yourself as such. Daily maintenance as well as having the knowledge to address certain problem areas as they creep up will keep you coming back day after day. This site offers various resources from mobility tools to info about how to address those nagging pains. Some of it is paid and some free but definitely worth looking into.Mwod logo

Romwod stands for “range of motion workout of the day” and is essentially guided Yin yoga to help relax and recover! This is around 1500 yen per month and has daily 20 minute “workouts” along with a longer 45 minute session on Thursdays. I notice a substantial difference in how I feel when I am consistently doing this versus not! Check it out.Romwod and Chill


Probably the number one site to buy hard to find supplements in Japan (it’s almost impossible to find a decent protein powder in this country!). While supplements are not the answer to a poor diet and will not make up for lack of sleep (fix those first!) they can be helpful. Everything from nutrition bars, to protein powder, to hard to find cooking ingredients are on this site and usually with a pretty good shipping rate! iHerb logo

With so many supplements available it might be a bit overwhelming know which does what and if they even work. uses scientific articles to dispute or confirm claims about supplements and their effectiveness. This is worth looking into before you shell out all that $$$ at iherb! logo

Have any resources that we might have missed or questions about where to get something not mentioned? Send us a message or inquiry here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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