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OPEX Athlete Camps are designed to provide high-level education to competitive athletes and create a fitness-testing atmosphere that enhances your training experience and upgrades performance. During the camp, the coach has the opportunity to provide tools and feedback to each individual on basic principles that have been most successful in prepping our competitive athletes.

What’s Different?

This isn’t just some other camp. We’ve revolutionized our Athlete Camps to provide more value by designing small group lectures, practical movement mechanics, and more one to one application that allow you to truly take away massive amounts of knowledge and personalized value.

Matt Bryant
Matt Bryant

Join our OPEX HQ Coach Matt Bryant as we unpack the training and lifestyle of a competitive athlete through instructional sessions on topics such as:

  • How to structure your yearly training plan
  • Nutrition for the high-level athlete
  • Athlete Lifestyle Guidelines
  • Mindset and Goal Setting Exercises
  • Q&A with OPEX Coach Matt Bryant

If you are a competitive athlete looking to improve your performance, this camp will provide you with a better understanding of your strength, your engine, how to properly gauge pacing in your workouts, and the best way for you to fuel.

Who Should Attend:

Do you strive for first place in everything you set your mind to? Do you have a ‘gold medalist’ mindset?

Are you:

A Competitive athlete looking to climb the ranks and stand on the podium
Capable of competing in the CrossFit Open and Regionals
A Masters athlete looking for guidance around optimizing their training and staying safe with their training.

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What Does The Two Day Camp Look Like?

Through intricate design and planning of the camp, OPEX aims to provide smart tests that permit training and testing in the same environment. We aim to create a community atmosphere where you can meet other athletes, compete and receive expert advice.

  • Learn how to prepare and fuel for single event days over multiple weeks.
  • Learn how to fuel and prepare for multiple event weekend competitions
  • Learn how to train through the multiple week competitions while still performing at a high level and staying healthy
  • Learn how high-level athletes peak for their priority competitions
  • Learn how to operate your specific engine for the CrossFit Open, Regionals, and the Games based on your individual fitness level
  • Learn the most effective pace and strategy based on your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Train with other competitive CrossFit and fitness-minded athletes over the weekend
  • Conversation and learning from the best in functional fitness!

Don’t wait to register, only 20 spots available and our camps fill up quickly. This one is sure to be at capacity soon! Join us for the revolutionized and upgraded OPEX Athlete Camp!

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