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Nutritional seminar to get you on track for the healthy body you wish for. Stop wondering why what you are doing is not working. Stop making your ideal body a difficult thing to get. Make it easy for yourself.

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Most people lack the knowledge they need, to get the body they want.

If you, never understand how what you eat impacts your health. How can you expect amazing results?

Are you:

  • Sick of getting the same results?
  • Only making marginal gains with your fitness?
  • Wishing you could shed those last couple of pounds?v
  • Wondering why your body is still short of the shape you desire

Then this nutritional seminar is for you!

If you truly want to sculpt your body beautiful, then 90 minutes is nothing.

Rather than wondering, or plain just not knowing, give yourself the edge.

The knowledge we will give you in this seminar, will take you strides ahead. By taking just 90 minutes to listen, you can empower yourself to achieve vastly better results.

So why strain and push?

Leverage this simple knowledge about what you eat. And how you eat it.

It can, massively change your results.

You would, love to get better results right!

So get the inside track from the awesome Port Tower CrossFit coaches, on how they get the edge.

Nutrition has a huge influence on the results you get health-wise. However much you workout. This will make a difference to your body.

Empower yourself to gain proper control over your weight. Use insider knowledge. To help you enjoy a better state of health, than you have had. This is an easy to understand, 90 minute seminar. That gives you the opportunity to totally change your results.

Get that summer body you desire with greater ease!

The Insight You Will Gain With This Basics Of Nutrition Seminar:

    • Understanding Fats, Carbs and Proteins.
    • How much of which to eat when.
    • How to easily track your foods.
    • Implementation strategies and tips.

You Also Get:

  • Healthy lunch included (recipes so you can make at home anytime!)
  • Health Food Cheat Sheet to use in daily life.

Note: If you have any food allergies please let us know.

All for just 5000 yen!

Book your seat to ensure you enjoy the full fun of the event.

March 21st, 2018
10:30 – 12:00 Seminar
12:00 – 13:00 Q&A with Lunch
Instructors: Coaches Keith, Maiko and Gin (Profiles Below)

Save My Seat Now!!

So Join Us For The Port Tower Crossfit Basics 90 Minute Nutritional Seminar And:

  • Learn the basics of nutrition.
  • Gain control over your weight and health.
  • De-mystify the when, what and how of healthy eating.
  • Start on the path to your healthy summer body.

Save My Seat Now!!

Register/Cancellation by March 19th. No refund after deadline.

Your Awesome Nutritional Instructors[h4]

Keith Stillman

  • OPEX CCP Nutrition, Business, Lifestyle, Assessment, Program Design
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Strongman
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • Lululemon Ambassador

With a passion for all things Strength and Conditioning Keith enjoys working with athletes of all levels to help them discover their potential. He has coached everyone from professional athletes like Japanese Olympian Taro Daniel, tactical athletes including American Special Forces operators, and everyday gym goers. He enjoys hanging out with his family and competing in Fitness competitions across Asia.

Maiko Stillman
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Lululemon Ambassador

Having gained numerous accolades throughout a long career in Judo, Maiko is well versed in the many aspects of coaching and athletics. As a new mother, her focus has shifted to what health and function mean in regards to motherhood and life. She enjoys spending time cooking and dreaming up new recipes that fuel fitness. She is responsible for much of the admin at the box, but also moonlights as a translator for the Level 1 seminars all across Japan. She looks forward to growing a great fitness based community in Kobe!

Gin Fujiwara
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • The Starrett Method Movement & Mobility 101

Growing up as a competitive athlete in baseball, Gin developed a passion for strength and conditioning. His goal is to expose optimal training methodology with correct nutrition to as many people as he can to lead them to a better lifestyle. He also dreams of working with professional athletes in the future and hopes to be involved in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Nutritional Seminar A 90 Minute Invitation To Getting More From Your Body

We look forward to helping you get the insight that can transform your body. You will enjoy getting foundation level healthy eating tips. Just save your place for this awesome nutritional seminar. And let us help you get that transformation you have been wishing for!