Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional EatingNutrition Consultation

Whether it’s body composition or improved performance nutrition can make or break one’s continual improvement. Having a coach to guide you and work with your situation and lifestyle can help you to see consistent and long last lasting results. When you sit down with one of our coaches for a nutrition consultation we will look at not just what you are eating but also lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and food quality on top of your current workout regimen to craft a solution geared especially for you.

How it works: After you schedule a consultation time with one of our coaches we will ask you to log your food to get an accurate accounting of exactly what you’re eating daily. You will bring this with you to your roughly 60 minute consultation during which we will discuss things like easy choices you can make to see results quickly, review your energy needs, relationship with food, and test for a baseline to establish a starting point. After which we will give you an overview and prescription of what should work best for you.

For some, a single consult will not be enough to see the changes they need. This is not the fault of the coach nor is it necessarily the fault of the client. Everyone is different and responds differently to different foods, has different metabolic demands, and even, in some cases, things such as hormone function must be taken into account. We consult with the most sound and up to date nutrition knowledge available but with so many variables there is no way to know the correct answer immediately. For these people we recommend follow up consults as needed until you and your coach can find what works for you.

Consulting 1-on-1 with a coach in this manner is what we at Port Tower CrossFit believe to be the fastest and most reliable way to get you the results you desire. Seeing your success is our motivation and we look forward to working with you to make your goals a reality. Schedule a consultation Today and get started on the path to a more nutritional lifestyle!