Membership Agreement -Guidelines and Policies-

These Membership Guidelines and Policies (the “Policies” or this “Agreement”) prescribe certain terms and conditions by and between a member (“I”, “Member” or related terms) and Anchored Fitness and Performance (the “Company” or “Port Tower CrossFit”), which provides a Member with fee-based services on physical exercise (the “Services”). To become a Member of Port Tower CrossFit, each Member must read and agree to the Policies:

By signing this Agreement to apply for the Membership, I understand that I will be entering into a legally binding and enforceable agreement with Anchored Fitness and Performance as follows: Please enrol me in the program I have selected and, subject to Port Tower CrossFit’s Liability Release; I agree to pay your fees as indicated. I understand that the Policies will govern all aspects of my participation in a program of physical exercise under the direction of Port Tower CrossFit. Training which may include, but not limited to, weight and/or resistance training, cardiovascular training, and floor mat exercises and Port Tower CrossFit agrees to instruct, assist and provide training (the “Program”) that I voluntarily take and the fee arrangements I elect to make. I also agree to comply with the Policies and procedures that Port Tower CrossFit and its instructors may from time to time communicate to me.

I acknowledge that a large portion of my success will be based on my commitment to follow instructions and my attitude towards the Program. Results are optimal when I complete all assigned workouts, adhere to the nutrition guidelines given, and complete all assigned tasks designed in the Program.

The Membership is for providing Services over a specific period of time during which the Member is eligible to partake in any and all Programs in accordance with the Membership. This is NOT a guarantee for a specific number of classes, seminars, or coaching lessons during the agreed upon period.
Members have three options for payment of the Program fee:

1. Monthly Cash payment for a 3 month Membership
2. Reoccurring Monthly payment for a 3 Month Membership by credit card
3. Auto-Bank Transfer on the 1st of each month for 6 and 12 Month Memberships

Payment in full may also be made for entire Membership by Cash or Credit Card

A fee of JPY3,000 will be charged on any declined credit card payments or payments that are later than the 10th of the payment month.

4. On Ramp
Members recognize that at least 5 classes of the On Ramp must be completed before beginning classes as a regular member. If more than 1 class is missed, they may be made up by doing personal training sessions with a coach at an agreed upon time at personal training prices.

If you do not wish to continue the Program before it is completed, you will be charged 50% of the balance of the Program fees. In the event the Member relocates away from Kobe (more than 30km) such charges will be nullified. If the Member has prepaid any sum for the Services, so much of such sum as is allocatable to the Services the Member has not taken shall be refunded.

All Memberships can only be put on hold only once for the duration of the Membership and all holds last a duration of up to 1 month (no less than 1 week increments). Note: Billing will still occur on the 1st of the month but total Membership will increase in direct relation to time said membership was placed on hold.

The request to place the Membership on hold must be submitted via e-mail 3 business day prior to the hold dates (no retroactive holds) and must include an end date (or return date) with the following exceptions:
1. Client is severely injured or sick, or
2. Maternity Leave

In both cases, the return date will be mutually determined based on the recovery and recuperation of the Member.

Members may upgrade their Membership at any time by submitting a request via email. To upgrade Membership, a new Membership commitment must be selected for an equal or longer commitment than remaining on their current Membership.

In order for a Membership to be changed to a shorter time commitment or from Unlimited to 2x per week Membership, notification of this change must be sent via email by the 10th of the Month of the last month of the existing Membership.

Memberships will be renewed under the existing Membership conditions unless notified by the 10th of the Month of the last month of the existing Membership. Notification must be via email as per the guidelines for Membership changes or in the case of termination

Only Members with Unlimited Memberships are eligible to use the Facility anytime during normal working hours between 6:00am – 9:00pm; provided, however, that regularly scheduled Group Classes, private training, small group classes and staff sessions take priority over floor space and equipment.

2x per week Members are not permitted to use Open Gym unless they RSVP and in this case it will constitute use of a Class for the week.

Port Tower CrossFit provides you with an appointment-based schedule to allow you the private and individualised time required for your Private or Small Group Personal Training session (“Private Session”).

A Private Session will be scheduled on a 30-minute time frame and be in 60-minute increments. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your Private Session to warm up. Even if you are late for the Private Session, it will still end at the scheduled time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for the Private Session for any reason, it will be considered a cancellation and you will be required to pay the fee for the whole Private Session.

It is important that Members provide their trainer with at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled Private Session when you need to cancel an appointment. Failure to cancel a Private Session within this time period will result in the Member being charged for the Private Session. Should the Member wish to reschedule an appointment, a minimum of 24 hours-notice is required. We will do our best to accommodate your requests to reschedule appointments but will not guarantee that a trainer will be available.

We understand that in times of emergencies and illness it is not always possible to provide 24 hours-notice. In the event of a late cancellation of a Private Session, please let us know how we can use the time to benefit your training. You may also want a new Program to do when you are away on vacation, new recipes to try, or for us to look over your eating journal.
If you cannot take your Private Sessions once a week or if you cancel the appointments, you can make them up by booking another Private Sessions the following week. Private Sessions must be made up during the duration of your personal training contract unless you hold your Membership.

Members who do not observe Port Tower CrossFit’s Policies or who abuse equipment and/or Facility in any fashion will be asked to leave. The management reserves the right to terminate Membership to anyone who refuses to observe any of Port Tower CrossFit’s Policies.

(Handling of images)
Member consents to the use of Member’s images in the form of photographs and videos on web sites and social media, and in newsletters for the purpose of spreading the activities of Port Tower CrossFit. The Company will respond in a timely manner to requests from Member to delete images.

(Waiver of Company’s liability for compensation)
Company shall bear no liability for any damages incurred by Member or by third parties inside or outside the Facility during the use of Facility by Member, Trial Member, Personal Training Client or Event Participant except in cases of wilful or gross negligence on the part of Company.

Company shall bear no liability for the theft, loss or damage of possessions during use of Facility by Member, Trial Members, Personal Training Clients or Event Participants.

(Member’s liability for compensation)
Members, Trial Members, Personal Training Clients and Event Participants shall be liable for any damages inflicted on the Facility or third parties both inside and outside the Facility as a result of the use of Facility by Member, Trial Member, Personal Training Client or Event Participant when said damages are the fault of Member, Trial Member, Personal Training Client or Event Participant.