PTCF Corporate Membership

Employees are the most important aspect of any company. Employees that exercise regularly have been shown to work better, have longer attention spans and be happier in general. We are proud to offer a new Port Tower CrossFit Corporate Membership.


  • 5 or more members from the same company are eligible for a 10% discount on membership fees
  • 15 or more members from the same company are eligible for a 15% discount on membership fees
  • Groups of 3-5 people are eligible for On Ramp classes at 9,000 yen per person.


  • Company ID or proof employment at the company in question is required
  • Unlimited memberships only – any length
  • Referral program not applicable
  • Discount is good through the end of each individual contract, regardless of fluctuation in the total number of people from the same company throughout the duration.
  • Discounts become effective the next full month after 5, 15 or more members from the same company sign up for membership and remain effective throughout the life of the individual contracts
  • If the number of members from the same company meet the above requirements at the time of renewal for each individual, discounted rates will continue through the life of the next membership as well.
  • PTCF Membership Guidelines apply to all memberships including corporate discounted memberships
  • If consolidated billing is available if the company designated a representative to work with

To find out more just drop us a message via our Help Bench and one of our staff will get back to you about our Corporate Memberships and how they can help your company and your employees.