Port Tower CrossFit is Kobe’s first functional fitness and CrossFit gym. We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to fitness.

Conducted in a small group setting, our CrossFit classes offer a general but inclusive program designed to touch on all aspects of human performance. Under the guidance of a coach and arm-and-arm with your colleagues, you will be challenged to perform physical feats designed to increase your flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength along with a myriad other skills. Our program is unique in that it is goal driven and based on proven scientific principles in order to correct any weaknesses and provide fitness broad in scope. We are constantly testing, building, challenging, and testing again to make sure we are headed in the right direction. This gives us valuable insight into how you’re progressing and gives you quantifiable evidence that you are improving from all your hard work.

Port Tower Crossfit also offers personal training that utilizes the foundations of the above mentioned program but built entirely around one person – you! Whether your goal it is to run a 5k, compete in a weightlifting competition, or just look great for your summer photos, this is the quickest way to great results. Working with one of our coaches you will receive full support – physically, mentally, and nutritionally to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals. This is a great program for anyone, from beginner to advanced, looking for a little bit of extra attention.

Port Tower Crossfit rounds out our service offering with nutritional counselling. Nutrition is the backbone of any quality fitness plan and working with a coach is a sure fire way to change not just what you eat but to establish new, quality habits. We will look at your current habits and work with you, your schedule, and your life to help you take steps in the right direction checking and rechecking to make sure you make continued progress. With the flood of nutrition information on the market today it is important to have someone there to reassure you that you are on the correct path.

At Port Tower CrossFit we believe that going to the gym shouldn’t be something to be dreaded or feared. It should be a place to grow, learn, and try new things, test your limits and hang out with friends. That’s why we make all of our classes fun and engaging to ensure that you’re never going it alone.

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